How female sexuality changes with age?

We are used to thinking that sex is for young, and the need for it in women is reduced with age. However, do not be so categorical. Sometimes at the age of 50 everything can only begin. About how sex is in different periods of our lives, says Ekaterina Bibisheva sex.

I often hear women voiced this idea based on prejudice: “The older I become, the less I need sex”. Moreover, this is the “older” for some can come even at 30 years old.

Sexual attraction with age really undergoes changes: hormonal background changes, new social roles and physiological characteristics appear. But all this is purely individual and most importantly – we can change the situation at any time.

Yes, over the years, the perception of sex is changing, but at any age you can live in pleasure and with bright orgasms. Our sexuality “grows up” with us. How does this happen?

20 years: free swimming

This is a period of sexual experiments and dreams of princes. It is believed that this is a time of sexual enthusiasm. But in fact, it was during these years that the woman is most preoccupied with issues of her appearance, which is somewhat confused. She asks questions: how sexually she is? How does her exterior have a partner?

Also, this period is characterized by female “complaisance”: when the girl agrees to sex because her partner wants it, or compromises with her health and allows unprotected contacts. Hence the fears of an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

At the same time, anxiety, as you know, does not contribute to sexual attraction. In addition, at 20, girls are actively looking for themselves in career and study, and these searches for obvious reasons shift the vector of their attention from sex.

Another feature of this period is the failure of its sexuality. Installations from childhood, fear of turning from a “good” girl into “bad” negatively affect libido.

The twenty -year -olds also do not have enough sexual experience, they do not fully understand their physiology and body signals. Orgasms come by accident, and this is an excellent incentive to go in depth, try new things, to know yourself better.

30 years: motherhood

As a rule, by the age of thirty, we will “grow” with new social roles, we begin to perform the functions of the mother and spouse. This age accounts for the peak of our sexuality: a woman feels comfortable in a stable relationship, it is easier for her to open up to her partner, it is easier for her to get an orgasm. It is left by complexes and fears.

A sense of security allows you to reveal your sexuality as much as possible. In addition, by the age of 30, a woman understands her body better. He knows what stimulation is pleasant to her, what excites her, what context to create in order to be guaranteed to relax and get pleasure from sex.

True, libido can slightly undermine motherhood. Together with the birth of a child, a woman may have intimate problems: prolapse of organs, urinary incontinence, diastasis, fatigue, difficulties with the perception of the image of the body. There is an uncertainty of oneself, which is reflected in sexual life.

The hormonal background of the young mother also opens against bright orgasms: immediately after the birth of a child, the level of testosterone falls, the number of sexual contacts with a partner can decrease to one or two times a month or less often. Sex is accompanied by typical unpleasant sensations – dryness, pain, sense of “wide” vagina.

Stress absorbs a young mother, she is forced to think about several things at the same time: about the well -being and health of the child, about household issues. Sex simply does not have the strength left.

Breastfeeding also affects hormonal background and suppresses libido. But a woman can cope with all these consequences of motherhood with the help of a competent distribution of time between household chores and rest. Of course, a partner also plays an important role: without his participation, care and interest, the young mother is unlikely to find time for herself.

A positive effect on the libido and health of women in the postpartum period is exerted by breathing practices and intimate gymnastics. They increase energy level and allow you to restore the body after childbirth.

40 years: mature sexuality

Despite the fact that the hormonal background is changing, the sexual desire for many women during this period is only growing. The level of stress is reduced, children grow up, more free time appears on themselves.

Financial stability and career create a sense of safety: this is excellent soil for revealing our desires. Many women at this age literally flourish. They have enough energy and courage to embody their dreams, they know that they are exciting.

At the same time, it is this period that can be characterized by cooling in relations with a permanent partner. Boredom appears in bed, a feeling of triviality. Therefore, it is so important to start getting to know each other again. It just seems that you know your loved one to the smallest cracks.

In fact, your partner is a big book that can be studied endlessly. Do not be afraid to open to each other, share the innermost – the very fertile time has come when nothing will hinder you.

From 50 years old: New life

Not all women meet this time with enthusiasm, although it, in my opinion, is the most “tasty” and the most wise. In my opinion, the period of menopause is a new beginning. In ancient Indian tribes he was met with a huge holiday, and the woman was called a wise mother, whom they came for advice.

Yes, menopause can affect our libido. Sexual attraction decreases, dry vagina appears, a woman feels fatigue, tides also negatively affect the physical condition of a woman. But menopause is not a contraindication for pleasure.

I am one hundred percent sure: sex can be great at any age. Your ability to obtain orgasms does not depend on the numbers in your passport. The main thing is the desire to develop in sex and the courage not to limit yourself to the age frames.

In fact, menopause is a time when you can and should have sex. There is no fear of getting pregnant, there are no more periods, PMS, you can be liberated, relaxed, sexually active. Sex for a woman after fifty is not just satisfying physical need, but a real act of love.

During this period, preliminary caresses are especially important: the estrogen level is falling, and the body needs time to prepare. This is exactly the age when the quantity finally goes into quality.

No matter how old you are: it is important how you feel in your body, the life that is now inside you is important.

Reveal every day of your life at any age. Enjoy sex, love your body, listen to your desires. Freeze from complexes, fears, intimate problems and dance in this life!

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